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Our Services

Tolnay Team Solutions specializes in professional facilitation to produce efficient, effective results. We help your organization, agency, or business collaborate on key issues and move forward together.

Executive and Board Planning Sessions

Strategic Planning and Process Improvement

Vistage Membership

Team Work Sessions and Building Cross-Functional Teams

Teaching Continuous Improvement Processes

Customer and Employee Engagement

Why partner with a professional facilitator?

For critical organizational decisions it is important for everyone to be on the same page so you can move forward together. It is also important for key people to be able to participate in the decision making process. Having an independent facilitator means everyone on your team (including you) can focus on the content and the decisions that matter the most.

How does it work?

Becky Tolnay starts by helping her clients break down issues into smaller parts.

At Tolnay Team Solutions, we genuinely want our clients to succeed. We offer clients facilitation solutions and strategies of all sizes – big or small. We customize a process that is productive for all involved while setting teams and participants up for future success.

Tolnay Team Solutions develops customized sessions or workshops to meet client objectives. This differentiates us from competitors who may have generic outlines they they use for all approaches.

The nitty gritty

We will start with a conversation to understand your specific needs, the purpose of your event, and the outcomes you expect to achieve. With that information we will develop a proposal outlining the work it will take to design a customized event, facilitate a session or sessions with your team, and document the outcomes. We price by the event and not by the day or the hour so the proposal will include pricing for all of the work. This approach encourages our clients to call upon us at any time throughout the project without concern that the “meter is running.”

Once you approve the proposal we will develop a customized session to meet your objectives. The strategies that we take with every client are to clarify objectives and organize an event that will help you move towards your goals. Planning for the session may include interviews, surveys, and document reviews to help prepare for the event. Preparation is key to developing the right plan for your team, your purpose, and to achieve your outcomes.


During the execution of the event we actively engage participants in processes that are designed to foster flexibility, create dialogue, explore different options, and ultimately reach a consensus.

We will help you understand and emphasize your strengths, and identify any weaknesses that can be improved upon. Meetings should be a productive use of time and effort. Let’s move forward together.

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Our fees are based upon the project, and not upon time units. We do not assess an hourly or daily fee. You are encouraged to call without worrying about a meter running. Our work is guaranteed. Once we agree on the scope of work, we will commit as much time as necessary to fulfill the objectives and meet the time-frames.

Who Would Benefit From Vistage CEO Membership?

Vistage is an invitation-only organization of CEOs dedicated to increasing the effectiveness and enhancing the lives of CEOs. Vistage Worldwide provides business leaders with the tools to outperform both the competition and their own goals. This comprehensive toolset includes peer-group sessions, one-on-one executive coaching, access to world-class business experts, and a global community of more than 29,000 members. With Vistage, you will:

  • Gain better decision-making skills through collaborating with a group of your peers
  • Become a better leader by sharing ideas and experiences with world-class business experts
  • Achieve better business results using the valuable knowledge and resources obtained from VISTAGE sessions


“In my two years working with Vistage, I have made great connections with trusted peer advisors along the way.  We challenge each other to do better and support each other through the tough times. I am grateful to rely on the Vistage group that helps me stay accountable to my employees and customers.”

-Mindy Perkins